Muslim Tasbih Finger Tally Counter Electronic counter

Muslim Tasbih Finger Tally Counter

Tasbih Finger Tally Counter

Muslim Tasbih Finger Tally Counter

  • Product Item: 1040
  • Screen: LED display
  • Type: finger tally counter
  • Color: over 10 colors for option (mix colors)
  • Usage: Muslim/Islamic prayer
  • packing: Box /card

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We have designed this finger tally counter as a basic one, Simple functions and a cheap price make it to be one of the most popular counters and used widely, like for train or plane number statistics, the hotel count and meeting number statistics etc.

Firstly, the tasbih finger tally counter comes with LED light which enables you read number in darkness.

Secondly, this counter has safe battery, it’s equipped with button cell battery AG13 and there is MSDS certification for transportation.

Thirdly, it has a soft finger belt, which is easy and comfortable to wear and handy when praying.

Finally, for the package, there are plastic gift box and paper card for options, over 10 colors for mixing.

So, it can meet different packing demands. Above all, it would be a great gift for your Muslim friend.

Tasbih Finger Tally Counter
Tasbih Finger Tally Counter
more design

Today, tally counters are widely used in life.

For example, it is used for calculation in learning or as a timer for testing time in sports competitions and

more it will be used for more train or plane number statistics, hotel counting etc.

For some people, they use tally counter to release stress. Every time you press the button, it will count one time and you can

calm down yourself to relieve the pressure with regular meditation.

But the most used are religious prayers, which is one of the essential tools for prayers.

In order to adapt to different usages, we have also developed a variety of counters with different functions and shapes.

There are not only rosary beads counters and finger counters, also smart counters and mechanical counters. With us,

you can always find the one you need. For more information, please click below

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